Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

This park was created to protect the rare Mountain Gorillas that inhabit the forests.

This park has a big cultural significance for the Batwa Pygmies. These people have a wealthy knowledge about the ancient Secrets of the forest.

Mgahinga claims part of the Virunga Ranges conservation area, which includes Park des Volcans in Congo and Virunga National Park in Rwanda (these parks are adjacent to one another) in form of the Conical, extinct Volcanoes.

Areas worth Visiting once in Mgahinga.

Virunga Volcanoes

Muhavura in Kisoro is the highest peak in the national park.
Muhavura has a very elegant crater lake of about 36m in diameter at its pinnance. Once on the Summit, you are very sure to have clear and good views of Uganda and Rwanda.

Garama Cave
This Cave is located near the park headquarters and it was home of the Batwa it was used for shelter and as a storage place for looted things from battles.

Lake Bunyonyi.
This lake in Kabale (after a diversion on your way to Mgahinga) is a lake in Kabale and it is littered with 20 individual islands. An unbelievable fact is that this is Africa’s second deepest lake.